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Farms, Fields and Flow Wrappers

Mar 19, 2019 04:07 PM

Investing in an entry level flow wrapper to automate the process of packaging fresh produce is one of the best moves an agricultural business interested in expanding their packaging capabilities can make, says Paul McMahon, Business Manager – Machine Sales.

If you are packaging fresh produce using packaging machinery such as an L sealer or simply by hand, investing in an entry level flow wrapper to automate this process can help any farm to improve efficiency levels, which in turn can lead to increased profit margins, business growth and efficiency.


Finding the right machine needn’t be a challenge either, as there are a range of options to choose from that are suitable for managing small to medium scale production levels. ULMA’s FR100 and FR200 flow wrapper models, for example, are a good starting point for those seeking modernisation and a more flexible packaging solution.


Both machines are appropriate for wrapping and sealing a variety of fresh produce, while reducing the amount of manual handling required. Compared to using an L sealer, the FR100 and FR200 are specifically designed to help farms to speed up the rate at which finished items are packed – perfect for when supermarket order deadlines are looming.   


Furthermore, the pack appearance and seal integrity that can be achieved using an entry level flow wrapper is far superior to L sealed packs. A better sealed pack helps prevent damage, retains product freshness and improves shelf life too, which are important considerations for the end consumer.


As every agricultural business is different, specifying the right entry level flow wrapper can be made much easier by working in conjunction with a machine specialist, such as ULMA. Businesses that are considering taking the first steps towards introducing an automated line are invited to contact ULMA’s experienced team of business managers and technical experts for a full assessment of their requirements, further to which ULMA will recommend the best possible packaging system.