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Foodex 2018...a great success!

Apr 23, 2018 05:00 PM

Ulma exhibited at Foodex 2018 this month and showcased their award winning TFS407R.

Foodex 2018 was 1 of 5 food shows held this month at Birmingham NEC, hosting 1500 exhibitors and welcoming 30,000 visitors.  Ulma Packaging were there showing their award winning TFS407R thermoformer.  The new machine is about to revolutionise the process of skin packing – especially for premium meat products, seafood, fish and cheeses - with its unique “Reduced Scrap” process, developed in partnership with skin packing pioneer Cryovac® using Darfresh® films. The TFS407R is the first ever machine to provide this innovative solution that maximises the on-shelf appeal of products whilst adding to the bottom line through reduced material costs. 



Alongside this was the vertical machine VTI840V with the Venturi system. 

The new V-range from Ulma Packaging is aimed at packers of leaf salads, 

herbs and other 'low density' products. This patented system ensures that 

voluminous items such as salad leaf or fresh herbs will no longer 'bridge' in 

the forming shoulder or tube. The Venturi system positively draws the 

product down through the forming tube and into the bottom of the bag. 

This means that it is not only possible to work with a narrower bag width 

but also a smaller bag length creating cost savings on film. As the product 

is away from the seal area there is no need for rework due to product in 

seal. This is seen as a competitive alternative to ultrasonic sealing or can 

even be used in conjunction with ultrasonic sealing.