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UK seal of approval for ULMA Packaging

Mar 07, 2018 01:05 PM

Hot on the heels of exacting engineering trials in Europe ULMA Packaging has developed its TSA 680-875 range of sealing systems for the UK market in response to customer demand for high speed machines that can handle packs of almost any shape, size, composition or MAP requirement.


In often highly competitive packaging markets there is constant demand for speed, lower costs, high quality seal and of course reliability, all of which the TSA 680-875 range is perfectly positioned to offer. Between them the systems are suitable for a wide variety of applications including fresh produce, meat, ready meals and many other food and non-food products.


Typical of these applications is fresh produce, where the TSA 680-875P can turn around up to 150 trays per minute and is compatible with multiple films. The TSA 680-875EN sister system is suitable for more heavy duty applications as it is fully seam welded and designed for a full hose down operation, as well as offering MAP (or gas flush), vacuum, skin and many other sealing options.


Based on motorised tool lifting to reduce air consumption, the whole range has been designed to integrate into lines of medium or high production that require precise control of tray transportation.


As standard the TSA range brings significant cost benefits from features such as Continuous Motion Control, which minimises dwell time by keeping the in-feed constantly full, and Constant Film Tension Control – a motorised system that guarantees film tension throughout the process, thus reducing downtime. Additional features include multi-lingual touchscreen control panel with demo videos, and an online performance interface facilitating access from a PC to monitor and download performance data.


Tooling is both lightweight and easily changed within a very impressive two minutes. As expected from one of the world’s top packaging solutions suppliers, the range is robust, reliable and easy to use, supported by an extensive UK service network and fully compatible with ULMA Packaging’s in-house manufactured, labour-saving end of line case packing equipment.


ULMA Packaging Business Manager Machine Sales, Mark MacBean, explains: “Here at ULMA Packaging we pride ourselves on listening to our customers – almost like consultants – and acting on the feedback to create packaging solutions that not only meet their needs now, but also anticipate how market trends are likely to evolve. Our new, exciting tray sealing systems are not only competitively priced, they are extremely versatile and are proven to remain completely reliable under the pressure of a seven-day-week production operation - and perfectly compliment the huge range of other packaging solutions that ULMA Packaging can supply.”


Mark continued: “In the UK every year, over 2 million tonnes of fresh produce are effectively wasted within the supply chain*. By providing robust and easy to use tray sealing solutions that protect the contents and increase shelf life, we are confident that we can make a contribution towards reducing that level of waste and help the fresh produce sector make savings, not only through less waste but also through significantly enhanced efficiency in their day-to-day operations.”