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ULMA improve blister pack production

Apr 11, 2010 12:00 AM

ULMA are pleased to announce that they have further improved its Univers blister pack machine, allowing a wide range of capabilities on short and long production runs. As a result it will provide flexible applications to non food industries such as electronics, office stationery, spare parts, hardware, household, medical & personal care, toys etc.

With over fifteen years experience in blister packaging, ULMA now provides further advances with the Univers 5000 machine offering key benefits as indicated below

Hi FrecuencyHigh frequency sealing
In contrast to most blister machines that use the traditional thermosealing method, Univers machine now offer high speed sealing. This method is perfect for heavy products with heavy guage films and to obtain minimum sealing areas.

Wide range of materials and type of packs
The machine will make any kind of blister pack using plastic-cardboard, plastic-plastic, with intermediate paper, double blister, clam shell, trays for cases etc. The machine also works with any kind of PVC, PET, etc. films.

Univers machine has been specially developed for high volume as well as for short runs. East format changes without tool allows fast product changeover.

Ergonomics and automation
The machine has been designed to make it easier to feed product manually or automatically and ULMA now has a wide offer of automatic loading systems which can be easily integrated with the machine in order to increase productivity.

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