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ULMA improves high speed blister packing.

Dec 07, 2009 02:13 PM

ULMA UK is pleased to announce improvements to their Univers blister packer to enable higher speeds making it highly competitive for those looking to pack products in non food markets.

ULMA improves high speed blister packing.

Univers 5000

With over 50 years experience in packaging and more than 15 in blister packaging, ULMA has worked continuously to improve blister packing options and the new machine allows high frequency packing unlike traditional blister machines which thermoseal the product.

It also copes with heavy products, high thickness films and ensures minimum sealing flaps. The machine can make any kind of blister such as plastic-cardboard, plastic-plastic, with intermediate paper, double blister, clamshell, trays for cases etc.

The machine also works with any kind of PVC or PET films. The new Univers machine has been specially developed to cope with short and long run production with the facility to allow quick format changes via a electronic touch screen.

The machine provides a wide loading area making it easier to feed product manually or automatically and we have a range of automatic loading systems, which can be easily integrated with the machine in order to increase productivity.

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