You are here: Home News ULMA Unveils New Flow Wrapper and also the Intergration of Automation

ULMA Unveils New Flow Wrapper and also the Intergration of Automation

Apr 05, 2011 03:10 AM

New 2013 product launch for Ulma Packaging

ULMA Unveils New Flow Wrapper and also the Intergration of Automation

ULMA Packaging launches FR 305

As part of its exciting 2013 marketing plans, Ulma Packaging is launching into the UK a new horizontal flow wrapper which has been specifically designed for the fruit and vegetable fresh produce sector, bakery, confectionery, snacks and general food markets.

The FR 305, is the latest development from the innovative manufacturer and incorporates a rotary jaw, a streamlined simple to operate console and an ergonomically designed cantilever to reduce debris accumulation, making cleaning and sanitising far easier.

Building on the success of earlier Ulma Packaging machines, this latest model has been built around a state of the art PC processor which stores up to 99 different packaging profiles, enabling a high level of flexibility for different product changeovers.

Key features include two independent motors which are synchronised electronically, easy service access and left to right operating direction. The standard in-feed conveyor is two metres in length, which is suitable for most food applications. However, Ulma Packaging can also offer bespoke options, for those packaging unusual sized products. Other innovations include an easy access reel holder to simplify the loading of heavy film rolls.

When operational the machine produces a three sealing pillow pack, making it ideal for durable and non-durable items. This includes packs for bread, cakes, almost all types of fruit and vegetable together with numerous non-food items. The FR 305 uses a longitudinal sealing system with the cross seals being made by rotary sealing jaws, making the machine very flexible.

Control of the FR 305 is managed via an operator console which enables the bag length, pusher position and the height adjustment to all be managed from a touch screen. Machine status, parameters settings and fault diagnostics are also handled by the same screen.

To support the FR 305, Ulma Packaging provides a number of different optional add-ons. These include a shrink film variant, a D-cam type jaw version for laminated films, a stainless steel model suitable for wet or high risk environments and also a number of different auto feeding solutions. Other options include a ‘no product – ‘no bag" function, a ‘misplaced product safety" function, a print registration photocell and various end of line printing solutions.

Available in the UK now, the FR 305 is anticipated to create a lot of interest, when it is likely to be exhibited for the first time at the 2013 TOTAL show, later this year.

Other exciting 2013 developments at Ulma Packaging has resulted in the streaming together of stand-alone packaging machinery with the UK automation side of the business to provide customers with one single point of technical and sales contact. This means that Ulma customers can now be offered one of the largest packaging solution choices available anywhere in the UK.