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ULMA Packaging at IFFA 2019

Apr 10, 2019 02:32 PM

Read all about the key areas of focus for ULMA at this year's IFFA exhibition in Frankfurt 4th-9th May




ULMA Packaging at IFFA: Environmentally friendly technologies and materials

Frankfurt, from 4th to 10th May




1. #ULMAweCare: sustainable solutions

We are strongly committed to minimize the impact on the environment reducing the amount of packaging required by our solutions, while maintaining the benefits in terms of safety, long-term preservation of products, reduction of product waste, and using more recyclable and compostable materials.

Area #1 will be dedicated to our sustainable packaging where visitors will be able to experience the benefits of ULMA's most environmentally friendly solutions.

2. Packaging inspirations all over the world

Area #2 will be dedicated to show our best packaging solutions from all over the world. Samples sorted by industry where visitors can check packaging trends from different countries.

3. Automation of packaging lines

Area #3 will be dedicated to automation solutions with a traysealing complete line and a collaborative robots cell.

4. ULMA digital for real business

Area #4  will introduce ULMA's digital offer through our new UPC 4.0 platform for ease of operation, assistance for maintenance, remote connectivity and increased productivity.

5. Service: taking care of the important things

We know how important it is to ensure that your equipment operates with maximum efficiency, to bring added value to your business. Area #5 will be dedicated to Service.


Hall 11.0 - Stand D81

Please look out for our next newsletter where we will share some details about our equipment at the stand and our latest sustainable packaging developments.