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ULMA Packaging automates the beef packing plant of one of the largest supermarket chains in Argentina

Mar 22, 2019 01:02 PM

La Anónima, the country's second largest distribution group, chose ULMA Packaging and its Flow-vac® system to automate its beef vacuum packing system

ULMA Packaging, the leading domestic manufacturer of machinery for the packaging and packing industry, has just carried out the automation of the beef vacuum packing system of the cold storage facilities of La Anónima, a popular supermarket chain in Argentina. This order, from one of the largest distribution groups in the country, represents a further milestone in the global positioning plan that ULMA Packaging is currently implementing, whose core strategy is to offer turnkey solutions for the packaging industry.


La Anónima, which has been operating for over a century, is one of the largest supermarket chains in the Patagonia and central inland regions of Argentina.It is the industry's fourth largest company nationwide and the second largest Argentinian-owned company. It has over 150 stores, which are supplied from its two cold storage facilities, which process approximately 20,000 heads of Angus cattle every month. .


ULMA Packaging faced a major challenge when changing La Anónima's production process, moving from traditional packaging to automatic packaging with a highly moist product, where a vacuum leakage error could affect huge quantities of meat. The aim of La Anónima's process automation project was to improve production efficiency, to increase its output in tons and reduce the amount of labour, which was adding no value to its process. To do this, it was necessary to redesign the layout of a very small space and to do it in very little time, to avoid downtime, so it was done during the summer holidays. ULMA Packaging brought over 18 years of experience in the global market to this demanding project with the installation of the Flow-Vac® system, converting a traditional packaging facility into an automatic packaging plant, improving the hygiene of the process and achieving a qualitative leap in the way the product was presented by standardising package sizes, reducing stocks and decreasing plastic consumption.


ULMA's Flow-Vac® packaging technology is a vacuum packing system that optimises film consumption by adapting the length of the packaging to the product and it is one of the sustainable packaging systems.


The result of the project can be classified as excellent, as we met all of the objectives that were set, improving presentation for certain markets such as China, which is highly demanding with regard to packaging, and adding yet another success to the long list of automation projects carried out by ULMA Packaging.


The company ULMA Packaging, with its central headquarters in Oñati (Gipuzkoa) and present in over 50 countries through its local distributors, produces traysealing, vertical, stretch film, flow-pack, thermoforming and shrink wrap packaging equipment, in addition to turnkey solutions for the automation of packing plants. Last year it achieved earnings of €275M, 17.5% higher than the previous year, with export figures of €221M.