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Ulma Packaging's new TFS thermoformers make cleaning easy

Nov 05, 2014 03:50 PM

ULMA Packaging’s new generation of TFS Thermoformers are the most hygienic on the market thanks to an innovative design, which provides easy access for deep cleaning to help food manufacturers meet and even surpass the most exacting regulatory standards demanded by today’s industry.


Especially suitable for ready meals, fresh meat, processed meat, fish, poultry, cheese and pâté, ULMA's thermoformers provide protective packaging that fits around the product like a second skin to extend shelf life. Other key benefits include moisture retention, the ability to customise pack shape and dimensions – and the option to display the pack vertically.


Following substantial development work this versatile equipment’s exceptionally hygienic and anti-bacterial characteristics, both inside and out, provides important sanitation benefits for food sectors as well as boosting production by reducing downtime associated with cleaning regimes.


A major plus of the TFS is that there are no edges that can retain liquids or product remnants. Equipped with chain guides, operating elements and mechanical systems that allow a vertical flow of liquids, the internal elements are designed to support a high degree of resistance to water and dust with an IP rating of 67 and 69.


These attributes make the equipment ideal for deep cleaning using high water pressure and meet the criteria and recommendations of the worldwide food safety standards ISO 14159, EN 1672, 3A and EHEDG.


All packaging machinery providers must respond to demands from customers for equipment that meet regulatory sanitation standards or recommendations. However, ULMA is confident that there is no packaging machine available that offers a better design for trouble-free deep cleaning than its new generation of TFS Thermoformers.


ULMA’S product manager, Alastair Cook, said: “The less downtime for cleaning means more profit for the customer. The TFS Thermoforming machines have been designed in such a way that they are easily cleaned. Attention has been given to the type of material used in the construction, such as replacing some components made of anodised aluminium with stainless steel.”


Developing packaging solutions worldwide, ULMA can supply thermoforming solutions tailor-made to suit customers’ requirements. Recent installations include two TFS 600 machines to a fresh fish packer based in Scotland, while a cheese company purchased a TFS 300 for its facility in Dorset.


One of the country’s leading suppliers of packaging machinery and complete automated lines, ULMA’S thermoformers range from the TFS 200 up to TFS 700 skin, with the TFS 500 and TFS 600 as intermediate models.


Packaging solutions offered by ULMA include vacuum bags to extend shelf life, packs with modified atmosphere (MAP), skin packs designed to follow the shape of the food, shrink pack for different-shaped products and packs formed to match the contour of the item’s shape.