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ULMA Packaging's partnership with Sealed Air transforms fresh food packaging

Oct 09, 2015 12:10 PM

ULMA Packaging has teamed up with Sealed Air to roll out across the UK its revolutionary Cryovac® Darfresh® vacuum pack that reduces waste and offers excellent benefits for fresh food.


ULMA’s TFS Thermoforming equipment, combined with the Cryovac® Darfresh® skin film, uses roll stock material to create a cost-effective, vacuum skin consumer pack that fits around the product like a second skin to produce a securely and hygienically sealed pack, providing retailers with secure and exceptionally attractive product presentation.

The major advantages of skin packaging for retailers are extended shelf life and enhanced pack appearance, while other benefits include moisture retention, the ability to customise pack shape and dimensions as well as vertical merchandising.

Especially suitable for regular or irregular cuts of fresh meat, Cryovac® Darfresh® skin film is also ideal for processed meats, pork, lamb, poultry, fish and cheese. There is also Darfresh Bloom™ to help red meat sealed under vacuum retain its colour and a microwavable version for ready meals, while double decker packages are available for providing a flat top surface to apply a label.

Commenting on the global non-exclusive partnership with ULMA, Sealed Air Packaging Systems Director Europe, Hughes Wygaerts, said: "The ULMA partnership has been very successful. I would really underline the flexibility and willingness of ULMA to strive towards the perfection to deliver top class equipment. Together with the top in class Cryovac® Darfresh® materials we are able to deliver a complete system that will satisfy our customers."

In addition ULMA’s TFS Thermoforming machines for skin packaging, from the entry level 407 to the high performance 707 model, make each vacuum skin pack to the precise size required for any particular product and can accommodate a variety of product protrusion.

Leak proof packs mean less rejects and cleaner shelves for retailers. The high premium look provides striking merchandising opportunities for shelf appeal and benefits for the environment through continuous improvement in packaging weight reduction.

Versatile skin packaging equipment from ULMA is ideal for both food manufacturers and retailers as it allows for customised packs, as well as enhanced presentation by ensuring the most natural and original appearance of the product, with the bonus of easy opening for consumer.


ULMA’s UK Managing Director, Chris Pickles, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Sealed Air for this packaging format, which delivers operational efficiency and sustainability for suppliers and stand-out shelf appeal and less waste for retailers. It is further verification of our commitment to provide the very best packaging solutions in the UK.”

Innovative skin packaging technology like ULMA’s offers food sectors fully integrated solutions that are highly productive and efficient to meet the growing demand from retailers for extended shelf life, great commercial visibility and speed to market.