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ULMA targets further growth in bakery sector

Oct 04, 2009 12:00 AM

Ulma has fifty years of manufacturing expertise plus a wealth of bakery market knowledge, whether you manufacture bread, biscuits or snacks and whatever packaging challenges lie ahead.

ULMA targets further growth in bakery sector

Bakery expertise from ULMA

As the bakery market diversifies and new packaging concepts develop, our packaging professionals will work closely with you to translate opportunities into cost effective and reliable production, whatever the pack, whatever the product.

Our success has been founded on close attention to detail, to design and development and in the training of our staff who aim to deliver total customer satisfaction, using their extensive market expertise.

As well as horizontal flow wrappers, we increasingly identify and offer solutions using vertical bagging applications and thermo-forming installations for customers packing specialist breads or longer shelf life products.

Flow wrapping

Ulma offers flow wrapping machinery unparalleled in the industry, from entry-level machines to high speed, auto fed systems designed for 24/7 operation. Typically used to pack morning goods, cakes, biscuits and product trays, Ulma machines offer the versatility to cope with various product lines, are designed to reduce your packaging costs and have a reputation for high efficiency and low maintenance. more here


Vertical bagging

Whilst snacks, nuts and crisps have traditionally been the mainstay of vertical form fill and seal applications, increasingly other bakery products such as individual cakes, mini muffins and biscuits all benefit from this type of packaging. Ulma boasts a comprehensive range of vertical machines, from entry level to continuous motion, helping you cope with these product formats. more here



Increasingly bakery applications require thermoforming to differentiate, by enhancing product presentation or significantly gaining valuable shelf life on a wide range of specialist bread products. Ulma’s thermoformers are built for quality and reliability and manufactured to compete at the highest level. more here


Paul McMahon, our Business Manager covering this area, has in particular, a wealth of experience in the bakery market and is always happy to discuss any future projects that may be appropriate. For further information or advice,  please do not hesitate to contact us.