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ULMA targets medical devices sector as part of 2015 packaging strategy

Jan 28, 2015 04:50 PM

ULMA Packaging is launching a major 2015 marketing drive for the medical device sector with its range of automatic packaging solutions for packing life-saving supplies that meet the strictest hygienic standards required by the medical and pharmaceutical industries.


One of the leading global suppliers of packaging machinery and complete automated lines, ULMA, which reported a successful show at the recent Compamed Exhibition in Germany, is offering flow-pack wrapping and thermoforming sealing equipment that meet the strictest standards required in a variety of materials including plastic, medical paper, Tyvek and aluminized film.


The equipment, which can be tailor-made to the customer’s requirements, can securely package delicate medical and pharmaceutical products destined for the health sector including the NHS, dispensaries and clinics. ULMA’s extensive product line makes it the only supplier able to offer such a wide range of packaging solutions for the medical industry.


Resulting packages are suitable for sterilisation processes, such as heat using steam, gases (for example ethylene oxide) and radioactive treatments. Thermoforming is gas permeable through the pores on the lidding material, while flow-pack incorporates a band that is partially located on the packaging. ULMA also offers easy-open systems so that the package may be accessed quickly.


ULMA’s machines have systems that may be adjusted so that the critical processes and parameters of the packaging are completely certified and homologated.


Attracting a lot of interest at Compamed was the FM 305 flowpack wrapper due to its laser perforation system. It incorporates a ‘oval’ motion profile in the jaw, a streamlined simple to operate console and an ergonomically designed cantilever to reduce debris accumulation, making cleaning and sanitising far easier. It has been built around a state of the art PC processor which stores up to 99 different packaging profiles, enabling a high level of flexibility for different product changeovers.


ULMA’s renowned flexible thermoforming range equipment like the top-of-the range TFS 700, TFS 400 and TFS 300 machines for flexible or rigid film with modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum options, provide secure hermetical sealing that protects medical products such as infusion bags, surgical brushes, petri dishes and syringes.


Thermoformers’ characteristics make them highly desirable for mixed production requirements, since formats can be easily adapted to meet the needs of the customer. Versatility, easy operation and quick size change add to the appeal.


Packaging systems for medical devices from ULMA are also designed to incorporate labelling and coding systems to ensure proper product identification and traceability, essential aspects throughout the supply chain.


Company Managing Director, Chris Pickles, said: “ULMA offers an extensive range of high quality equipment for medical packing. There are stringent regulations for packaging vital items for the health sector - our equipment meets these requirements and provides the sealing and temperature controls which are very critical for these applications.”


Unlike many other medical device suppliers, ULMA offers flexible and complete solutions that include the automation of each process for a packaging system: alignment, handling, transport and product loading, post-packaging unloading, case packing and palletising.