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Ulma unveils new flowrapper to satisfy Britain's sweet tooth

May 15, 2014 11:13 AM

Chocolate, confectionery and biscuit manufacturers in the UK are being targeted with the latest state-of-the-art flowrapping equipment by Ulma Packaging Ltd, one of the country’s leading suppliers of packaging machinery and complete automated lines.


The latest addition to Ulma’s renowned selection of flowrappers for the food industry is the high speed FR 500 - reliable and robust equipment suitable for a wide range of films that maintain the texture and quality of chocolate, confectionery and biscuits.


It can comfortably wrap single chocolate bars at up to 600packs/min using a multi-axis control system that synchronizes the main machine movements and comes complete with a variety of automatic feeders and autoloaders.


Ulma’s flowrappers are ideal for the whole spectrum of different sized slabs of candy and chocolate, such as mini and fun sized, ensuring extended shelf life and, when unwrapped, to keep that satisfying, audible snap when chunks of chocolate bar are broken off.


The innovative machinery manufacturer has launched the FR 500 to meet increasing demand from confectionery manufacturers for automated packaging systems which not only provide slick pack presentation but improved production as consumers’ appetite for all things chocolate shows no sign of slowing. 


Ulma, renowned for improving production efficiencies and pack designs, the equipment can be integrated into a high-speed automated line by Ulma, featuring row distribution systems, product buffering and recycling during production, product orientation and automatic indexing.


Showcased by Ulma at the 2014 Interpack Show in Dusseldorf, the FR 500 is ideal for high volume production lines, is easy to operate and maintain. It is a fast and efficient all inclusive flowrapping solution for the chocolate and confectionery sectors.


Ulma’s UK managing director, Chris Pickles, said: “UK demand for chocolate and confectionery shows no sign of abating and this new model provides a much faster packaging solution. The FR 500 has been developed to meet the need for flexibility and speed for flowrapping of different-sized bars and multipacks. We can supply a comprehensive range of versatile and well-designed equipment to meet all packaging needs in these growing sectors.”


Building on the success of earlier Ulma packaging machines, this latest model has been built using the latest technology to push the boundaries of chocolate packaging and meet customers’ most demanding requirements.