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ULMA’S Fruit Packaging Solutions Will Be The Focus At Exhibition

Jul 17, 2013 01:00 AM

Ulma Packaging’s extensive global experience in fresh produce packing will be on display at the prestigious Fruit Focus event at the East Malling Research Centre in Kent, on Wednesday July 24th 2013.

Ulma Packaging will be promoting its range of flexible automated packaging solutions suitable for a wide range of citrus and exotic fruits. Sure to attract a lot of interest from visitors to Fruit Focus will be Ulma’s popular Atlanta tray-less flow wrapper, especially as flow wrapping is becoming the preferred packing of choice for many supermarkets in the UK.


Ulma’s UK director, Derek Paterson said: “Ulma has established itself as a leader in the fresh produce sector with a reputation for quality equipment which offers flexibility and versatility. We are delighted to be attending Fruit Focus, the industry’s premier event, where visitors can see some of our extensive range of packaging solutions and can discuss their specific requirements in detail with Ulma personnel.”


Two apple growers from Kent are among the hard fruit suppliers already benefitting from Ulma’s expertise and are reporting notable improvements in production processes following installation of Ulma’s tray-less flow wrapping technology.


Award-winning A C Goatham & Son already has an Atlantic flowrapper on its site and is committed to purchasing two more of the machines to meet increasing demands from customers for flow wrap packaging of fresh produce.


A C Goatham supplies a huge range of apples to most of the big supermarket names, including its exclusive own brand and home-grown Zari® variety. To meet increasing demand for its products it is making a significant investment in a new packhouse and required the latest equipment to match this state-of-art packaging facility in Rochester.




Company partner, Ross Goatham, said: “Ulma’s technical support is first class and they go the extra mile with rapid back-up when required. We’ve been very happy with the Ulma flowrapping equipment. It does exactly what we want. We are making a huge investment in a new pack house, but we can definitely see that by using flow wrap technology there are savings to be made.”


Cottage Farms, in Tonbridge, which has been growing and packaging fruit for over 50 years, is about to purchase its fifth Ulma machine following significant investment in new facilities and equipment because of growing demand for its wide variety of apples and pears.


Owner, Chris Browning, explained: “Historically polybags were the preferred option but the reason for moving over to flow wrap was customer choice. We decided Ulma’s machine suited our requirements best and it worked very well for us last year. We are purchasing another Ulma flowrapper for the new packing facility due to start operation in early 2014.”


Ulma’s Atlanta tray-less flowrapper is offered in a variety of configurations based on apples arriving in cardboard boxes, pallet boxes/plastic crates or straight from the grading process. As another enhancement to the process, Ulma can also offer further line solutions with fully automatic crate packing and palletising.


Suitable for large, medium and smaller fruit growers the system can be used for the tray-less packing of a cross-range of fresh produce, which will allow some producers to have the option of often using just one system for all their produce production as the system can also be configured to run with conventionally filled punnets from a de-nester.


Fruit Focus is the ideal platform for Ulma, which has a long and impressive background in the fresh produce arena and is an approved supplier to multiple retailers and others involved in the packaging of a cross-section of products including tomatoes, potatoes, onions, mangos, avocadoes, oranges, lemons and even kiwis.