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Crate ready systems

Depending on the crate delivery and product transport requirement, there are different concepts defined for the crate packing. The requirements are related to the customer need and to the space availability.

Crate ready systems


Crate packing with ULMA U10H robot

• Symmetrical pattern configuration crate packing.

• Reduced space.

• High speed.

• Easy maintenance and programming.

Crate packing with Ulma U10H Robot


Crate packing with ULMA D12H robot

• Different mosaic crate packing, total flexibility.

• Reduced space.

• High speed manipulation.

• Easy maintenance and programming.

Crate packing with Ulma D12H Robot


Linear LN - crate and product feeding from the same side. The crate feeding could be made in different heights, with the possibility to descend with a lift.

Ulma Linear LN



In U -  The empty crate feeding and the exit of the complete one is made from the same side.

Ulma linear in U



In L - Similar to the linear one, with the difference that the empty crate entrance is off.

Ulma linear in L