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The ATLANTA HI-TEC is a Horizontal Flow Wrapper (HFFS) which produces a three seal pillow pack at the highest technological performance level in its range.


ATLANTA HI-TECH Flow wrappers represent the models with the highest technology among ULMA horizontal packing machines. They include a multi-axis electronic control which synchronises the main movements of the three main shafts of the machine.

This electronic control gives the machine high versatility and flexibility in product changes and perfect dynamics in machine movements. This technology, together with strength, reliability, ergonomic design and ease of cleaning (typical of the ATLANTA family) allow you to obtain the highest performance from these flow wrappers. The machine can also incorporate a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic feeders.

The result are the ATLANTA HI-TECH flow wrappers. A flow-pack machine able to meet the most demanding of applications. This is true for manual feeding applications as well as for installations where the packing machine has to be installed in an automatic packing line.


  • Machine with three independent motors (clamps, rollers, feeding unit) synchronised by means of a multi-axis electronic control.
  • Built to a cantilever design to ease cleaning.
  • Easy access to mechanical and electronic elements for maintenance purposes.
  • Orientation: from left to right.
  • Rotary crimp jaws with electronic clutch .
  • Three pairs of pneumatically opening and closing fin seal rollers.
  • 500mm wide motorised reel holder with pneumatic core clamp.
  • Infeed conveyor with 2 meters of effective feeding space.
  • Adjustable forming box.
  • Package length adjustment, cutting speed adjustment (elliptical) from touch screen.
  • 10 inch colour touch screen with fault finding diagnostics and graphics icons menu.
  • Parameter memory storage : up to 50 products.


  • Different types and lengths of feeding unit.
  • Photocell for printed film centring.
  • "No product", "No package" and "mis-placed product detection at the jaws" functions.
  • Reel holder with independent motor.
  • Motorised jaw height adjustment.
  • Automatic reel splicing unit.
  • Different automatic feeding systems.
  • Left version machine.
  • Stainless version for wet environments.
  • Shrink film version for polyolefin shrink films.
  • Rotary D cam version for hermetic seals on laminate film