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Horizontal FLOW-VAC® type flowrappers (HFFS) produce a vacuum pack from a single shrink and barrier film. For processed and smoked meat as well as cheese. It is also a suitable machine for pork and lamb meat.


ULMA Packaging's FLOW-VAC® 35 are low reel flowrappers based on latest HFFS machine technology. The product is loaded on the barrier with the shrink film web, then conveyed through a forming box, making a one side open bag. At the end of the cycle, the bag is vacuumed and shrinked.

The product never comes into contact with sealing areas, which ensures a high quiality seal and prevents contamination.

FLOW-VAC® 35 flowrappers have been designed for smoked and processed meat packaging as well as consumer units cheese packaging. It is also suitable for fresh pork and lamb meat.

Packaging materials can have low, medium and high barrier properties, low and medium abuse handling and they are totally suitable for pasteurisation.

ULMA FLOW-VAC® 35  is a totally automatized system without high investment requirements, which is an ideal solution for small and medium producers.

This system offers better integrity and presentation compared to other not shrinkable materials.

FLOW-VAC® 35  completes the range of ULMA's FLOW-VAC® range which was already formed with the FLOW-VAC® 45 and 55.