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Horizontal Flow Wrapper (HFFS) produces a shrink film pack for frozen fish. High production performance from these horizontal packaging machines.


New shrink wrapping horizontal packaging machines designed to wrap frozen fish products at high speed.

Designed for the frozen fish sector, the machine has a food-industry oriented design having special consideration towards the hygiene, machine sanitation, protection against humidity, stainless materials, etc. These horizontal packaging machines are fully constructed from stainless steel or plastic, and have been designed to avoid dust accumulation and to make cleaning easy. In this sense, its cantilever design and the simplicity of the new cross sealing system are key aspects that ensure the maximum higienic conditions are mantained.

These horizontal packaging machines have an innovative design cross sealing station. The sealing jaw describes an oval movement, which allows to reach high sealing speeds and simplifies the transfer of the product through the sealing jaw. These features increase machine's productivity and minimize the reject levels.

Its reduced size (ir requires less than 5 m2), high production output and user friendliness make the OCEAN the ideal machine for the frozen fish sector.

The new TRLX-200 shrink tunnel has been designed to meet the speed requirements from the wrapping machine. Thus, the tunnel has a great shrink capacity at high speeds which gives the perfect finish the products requires.