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TC 100

Automatic lid placing machine. High production speed, ease of use and quick format change. Optimal solutions for strawberry, cherries or cherry tomatoes tray lid placing.

TC 100

ULMA Packaging with its commitment to innovation and technological development, has developed a high production automatic lid packaging machine for trays. Easy to use and highly reliable, it can be adapted to work with a wide range of lids which can be knocked out automatically. Its ergonomic design makes lid loading easier and and format changing quicker.

Lid packaging is composed by three different areas:

  • Tray loading and centering
  • Lid de-nester
  • Lid placing

Tray feeding is produced by a belt comprising of rollers working at different speeds. Vertical and horizontal cylinders help to center trays in order to place the lid automatically.

Lid de-nester has an ergonomic design, allowing tray pile loading in approximately 1.500 mm height. Lid format changing is made quick and in an easy way obtaining a format change approximately in 2 minutes.

Lid placing is made by a spinning mechanism composed by two arms which unstack and place lids at the same time, allowing to obtain 100 tray/min. production speed.

The control panel has a touch screen which allows to adjust machine's different parameters: tray format, belt's speed, vacuum time period ...

Machine is manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel and aluminium.