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Yorkshire Packaging Systems supply these products

This range of machinery has been supplied very successfully for the last 20 years under the Rochman brand, by the leading supplier of shrink systems in the UK, Yorkshire Packaging Systems.

Yorkshire Packaging Systems supply these products

In 2008, both ULMA and Rochman voted in favour of a merger and as a result, the Rochman name will eventually disappear from the UK market.

However this range of ULMA shrink wrappers will continue to be supplied and supported by Yorkshire Packaging Systems.

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Further information

Yorkshire Packaging Systems Ltd. began supplying Rochman shrink wrapping equipment into the UK in the very early 90’s and since became the No.1 distributor for Rochman worldwide.


This was because we are not a ‘supermarket’ of machine brands but instead put a lot of emphasis on working with a supplier and building a solid working partnership for the long term. Rochman has been our only machine supplier in all this time so we know their equipment inside out and it has allowed us to build up a mass of installations in the UK with continued after sales backup and support.


Rochman is part of the Mondragon Co-Operative movement in northern Spain which means the workers own the company with its primary focus being employment in the region and in 2008 Rochman celebrated its 50th anniversary. ULMA is also in the Mondragon Co-Operative based less than 30 miles away with its primary markets being food packaging machines. Rochmans primary focus has been non-food packaging machinery and so in early 2008 workers at both companies voted in a merger which made a lot of strategic sense.


As ULMA was the much larger of the two companies it makes sense that the Rochman brand should be phased out, with Ulma packaging now representing a business with a turnover in excess of 130 million euros worldwide. Rochmans factory still remains making the same high quality and reliable shrink wrappers as before and the factory is now re-named Ulma Otxandio. Apart from the name everything remains the same with YPS continuing to supply and support the same range of equipment into the UK market has it has done for the last twenty years. The enlarged group though is much stronger financially and continued investment in research and development means the equipment can only improve over time.