It's a wrap! The GRUMA Mission Foods Corporation invests in ULMA Packaging machinery

Jun 18, 2015
The world's leading tortilla manufacturer has invested in an ULMA Packaging solution including practical, resealable package with modified atmosphere (MAP).

The GRUMA Mission Foods Corporation chose the side seal Artic flow pack machine because it can efficiently package food products in modified atmosphere (MAP) with the addition of a resealable system to keep product fresher for longer once the pack has been opened.

The resealable system designed by ULMA Packaging includes an easily identifiable flap to open the package, which can then be securely closed with an adhesive strip to reduce product waste.

The side seal gives the package an attractive visual appearance which allows full visibility of the product, or printing on both sides. The low cost of packaging makes this machine an ideal solution for automating the packaging process of tortillas.


This machine model is also perfectly adapted to other products such as sliced meat and dairy, and cheese blocks.