Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

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We strive to ensure that our customers receive a friendly, quick and effective service, and we have structured our company to meet this commitment. Our UK based Service Department is part of an international group of over 250 support personnel. Thanks to our extensive network, we can act quickly across a very wide area.

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  • Service network of over 250 people
  • UK based Service Department
  • Teams specialising in each product line
  • Professional service
  • Support from an Expert Technical Committee
Our customers have the peace of mind of knowing that they will be assisted directly by a local technical expert who has all of the information about their systems. This allows us to ensure that we can provide an immediate response and put in place all of the necessary resources to act swiftly.
We have a global service network, with more than 30 local offices. All of our distributors also have their own technical service, composed of professionals who specialise in our technologies, meaning that we can offer a professional, local service in over 50 countries.
Our Service is composed of teams that specialise in each product line, ensuring that each team has in-depth knowledge and performs to the highest standard in each situation.
All of our technicians receive remote support from an Expert Technical Committee, which has in-depth knowledge of each system and application and provides assistance from our head office. This means that our actions in complex or highly demanding projects are guaranteed to be a success for the customer.
Our customers deserve to receive the best service, provided by exceptionally friendly professionals with a proactive attitude. Therefore, our technicians' training plan includes courses on providing a professional service to customers, so that they approach each challenge with a positive and proactive attitude.
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