Cookies policy

This Website uses cookies to provide you with a better, faster and more secure experience. In this policy we explain what these technologies are, what they are used for (for example, to start a browsing session or save your preferences) and why.

What are cookies?

Cookies are devices that are sent to your browser and are installed on the terminal you are browsing from in order to store information which may be retrieved later.

These technologies are essential for the proper functioning, integrity, availability and relevance of the content of this Website, and provide significant advantages in the provision of the services, while improving browsing and usability.

Cookies cannot read information stored on any terminal. Nor can they damage or alter your computer.

What types of cookies does this Website use?

The information we offer below will help you to understand the different types of cookies installed on the different pages of the Website. We will also inform you of the cookies installed and third-party entities.

Type of cookies Description Third parties
TECHNICAL Technical cookies store generic, anonymous information that does not include personal data or information which identifies users. Their purpose is to guarantee the functioning of the website. No
SESSION These cookies are necessary for proper use of the website, as well as for user login, or for uninterrupted browsing, reminding users of language or country options. They are used to identify the user, and log into a registration area if necessary. Many of the services available would not be operative without these cookies. These cookies expire when you close the browser or after one month. No
ANALYTICAL These cookies allow you to analyse and measure the properties and functions of this Website and measure it for improvement purposes. The cookies that are installed are third-party cookies. For example, analytical cookies help websites to understand the way visitors interact with their properties. A set of cookies can be used to collect information and report usage statistics for websites without personally identifying visitors. Google Analytics


How can I manage cookies?

You can access the preferences menu of your browser and configure it to not install cookies, delete and/or eliminate existing cookies before you start browsing other websites.

To configure your cookie preferences, you can follow the steps indicated via the following links, depending on the browser you are using:

Firefox at

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Cookies policy updates

Last updated on 25 June 2018.

The cookies policy may be modified depending on legislative changes, or to adapt the policy whenever there are changes in the agreements with third parties that install or use cookies.