ULMA facilitates Eurilait's quest for the perfect packaging solution

Jan 04, 2024
“We needed a machine that could not only operate at high speed but also adapt to any cheese we needed to package during a particular shift."

Eurilait, a speciality dairy provider, recently decided to upgrade their ageing packaging machine, and they knew exactly where to turn to find a replacement - ULMA Packaging UK, their trusted long-term supplier. Having previously acquired multiple packaging lines from ULMA, Eurilait's team of cheese experts found the ideal solution in the form of the FM305C, which fulfilled all their requirements.

As the UK subsidiary of French dairy cooperatives Laita and Eurial, Eurilait supplies a wide range of speciality French cheeses to retail brands, wholesalers and food manufacturing channels. Its range includes popular favourites like Brie, Camembert, Emmental, Galette, as well as popular British choices such as Cheddar and Red Leicester. Eurilait’s commitment to producing high-quality goods has earned them numerous awards and accolades.

Back in 2006, Eurilait purchased the ULMA NEVADA, a machine that diligently wrapped a variety of products as the business flourished. With regular maintenance check-ins from the ULMA service team, the machinery consistently met Eurilait's production demands, ensuring that their award-winning cheeses were always ready for retail.

While the ULMA service team provided excellent support in resolving any challenges Eurilait had with their NEVADA, the machine started experiencing increased maintenance downtime and it was clear that an upgrade was required.


Leveraging existing relationships

To facilitate a replacement machine, they immediately reached out to ULMA. Damian Wills, Engineering Manager at Eurilait, explains: "Our previous machine served us well for nearly two decades, but natural wear and tear began to impact its performance, prompting us to upgrade. We have a longstanding relationship with the ULMA team, having purchased multiple machines in the past. So, I simply contacted our dedicated contact, Nick Ghent, and shared our specific criteria.”

"To meet the demands of our diverse range of products, each with different shapes and sizes," added Damian, “we needed a machine that could not only operate at high speed but also adapt to any cheese we needed to package during a particular shift.

“Additionally, we primarily use two types of packaging - gas flush and shrink-wrap film. Finding a machine that could accommodate both packaging types would eliminate the need to purchase multiple machines. We thought this might be a challenging requirement for any supplier to meet, but ULMA presented us with the FM305C."


Meeting the specifications

Nick Ghent, Sales Manager at ULMA Packaging UK, discusses the task at hand: "Given that many fresh food businesses offer multiple products, having a packaging line that can adapt accordingly is essential. When Damian explained Eurilait's needs, it became clear that the FM305C was the perfect fit.”

Designed for fresh food products, the stainless-steel FM305C offers remarkable flexibility, thanks to its Box Motion sealing head powered by two independent motors. While accommodating different product shapes and sizes, the FM305C ensures high-quality hermetic seals, thereby preserving the freshness of Eurilait's cheeses.

After determining that the FM305C perfectly met Eurilait's requirements, the team promptly placed the order. Subsequently, Damian and several key team members accompanied Nick to ULMA's headquarters in Spain for a pre-delivery inspection of the packaging solution. This crucial step in the ULMA process allowed Eurilait to assess the machine and identify any necessary customisations, as Damian highlights.

"Our visit to Spain enabled us to test our products and packaging on the model that would soon be installed at our site. During this process, we discovered the need to modify the original roller and replace the sensors to accommodate our clear trays," Damian explains. "Over the course of our two-and-a-half-day trip, we ensured a seamless transition upon the machine's delivery to our Somerset site, minimising any potential downtime. And indeed, when the machine arrived, we were able to install it quickly, seamlessly replacing the NEVADA.”


Continued machinery support

Following the installation of the FM305C, Eurilait decided to maintain the servicing contract that had allowed the ULMA NEVADA to operate at peak capacity for so many years. Customised to their specific needs, this servicing agreement guarantees ongoing support and maintenance.

Damian elaborates: "By continuing our servicing contract with ULMA, we ensure that our packaging machine receives top-notch care. Whenever an issue arises or routine maintenance is required, ULMA's unique position in the packaging industry shines through. They have a nationwide network of expert engineers, so we are never too far away from receiving assistance in maximising our machine's performance. Whether it's through on-site visits, remote diagnostics, or phone consultations, ULMA consistently delivers exceptional care, both before and after installation."