FV 55 flow pack wrapper (HFFS)

Horizontal FLOW-VAC® type Flow Wrapper (HFFS) that a vacuum pack from a single shrink and barrier film. For all type of food products. High performance level. Also available as FV 55 SD with enhanced hygienic design.

The FLOW-VAC® system has been developed jointly by ULMA Packaging and SEALED AIR. ULMA Packaging has designed and manufactures the wrapping packaging equipment and SEALED AIR supplies the CRYOVAC® film for this application.

The ULMA FLOW-VAC® is a lower reel machine, with the barrier roll stock film being fed from below the level of the product feeding line. This is essential to prevent seal contamination.

The vacuum bag is formed around the product and a full hermetic seal is formed along the length of the bag (longitudinal seal). The FLOW-VAC® senses the beginning of each product and indexes the incoming product automatically. The end seal (transverse seal) is a high quality full hermetic seal. Both seal systems are equipped with the latest technology to provide the most reliable seals possible. All excess material from the longitudinal seal is removed from the package via a film scrap removal system.

The ULMA FLOW-VAC® operates at the speed of incoming product and reacts to any speed variation in the production line.

The electronic platform of the FLOW-VAC® series is PC based with modem links options. The FLOW-VAC® machine has been designed for user friendly film roll change over. Product setup parameters are controlled through an industrial PC and a touch screen. The software is a Microsoft Windows based graphic icon software.

The CRYOVAC® Barrier film unwinds off the reel as the product moves into the longitudinal seal head system. This prevents the transverse seal being contaminated as the product does not come into contact with the seal area.

Designed for the food sector, and manufactured from stainless steel the FLOWVAC ® ensures that maximum hygienic conditions are maintained for all sectors of the food industry.

  • Right to left versions.
  • Various date-coding options.
  • Photocell for printed film registration system.
  • Exit conveyor (different options).
  • Infeed conveyor (different options).

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