VTI 400 vertical wrapper (VFFS)

Vertical packaging machine (VFFS) which makes a three sealing pack. Medium-high production speed performance up to 100 cycles/min.

VTI 400 machine is an intermittent vertical form fill and seal machine for packing many types of products.

The main characteristic of the machine is the flexibility and versatility to produce a wide range of type and dimensions of packs, being able to focus for food or non food application.

The design has been focus on having a robust, reliable and intuitive machine using for that propose mechanics drives commanded by A.C. motors, latest generation in electrics components and industrial PC with a friendly usable touch screen with icons.

Additionally, the machine is integrated by a wide range of options depending on the product and customer requirements, always guaranteeing to give the best solution.

  • A.C. driven cross seal jaw.
  • Pulling belts driven by A.C. motor and universal joints.
  • Closed structure frame construction.
  • One piece film former.
  • Industrial PC with touch screen (B&R 5").
  • Capacity to program data for 100 items.
  • Machine functions integrated in the screen.
  • Automatic detection of faults in the sealing temperatures and air pressure of the machine, guarantying good sealing all time.
  • Key controlled access to different operator level.
  • Horizontal seal obstruction detection.
  • Automatic detection for the end of film roll.
  • Motorized centering of film roll holders.
  • Easy interface with peripheral equipment.
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with the (98/37/CEE) Safety regulations.
  • Stainless steel version.
  • 45º inclined version.
  • Film splicing table to facilitate quick roll changes.
  • Printed film registration system.
  • Gas injection system for modified atmosphere packaging.
  • Vacuum belt film feed system.
  • Special PE jaws, for high speed applications.
  • Motorised film tracking + film tension control.
  • Automatic self-centering film roll.
  • Static eliminators.
  • Bag vibrator to settle the product.
  • Flat bottom package with center or side seal.
  • Special easy open knife shapes.
  • Strings or double bag.
  • Eurolock and handle punching systems.
  • LAN Ethernet connection.
  • Coders, labellers.
  • Zipper dispenser.
  • Product discharge belts.


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