VTI 500 vertical wrapper (VFFS)

Vertical packaging machine (VFFS) which makes a three sealing pack. High performance intermitent vertical machine for medium-high speed applications.

The model VTI 500 is a machine designed for the packing of a wide variety of products such as liquids, pastes, powders, granulated foods, frozen foods (IQF), snacks, vegetables and many other particulate products.

This Equipment has been designed with the Highest Quality Materials, Emphasizing
Ergonomics, Ease of Maintenance, Operation Simplicity, as well as Ease of Sanitation.

The use of Maintenance Free, Advanced Electronic Controls and Superior Quality Dynamic Brushless Drives, Combined with A Touch Screen Centrally Controlling the Machine Operation, gives the Equipment Extreme Programming Flexibility, in order to handle the most demanding products and films.

  • Servo-driven film transport and cross seal jaws.
  • Painted in RAL 9006 and RAL9007 standard colors.
  • Closed Structure Frame Construction.
  • Film Roll Holders with Pneumatic chocks.
  • One-piece film former.
  • Industrial PC, colour touch screen (B&R 10").
  • Capacity to Program Data for 100 Items.
  • Touch Screen Adjustment of Sealing Time, Temperature and Pressure for the Horizontal seal Jaws.
  • Key Controlled Access to 3 levels of Touch Screen Programming.
  • Motorized Film Unwind with Film Tension Adjustment.
  • Automatic Detection for the end of Film Roll.
  • Motorized Centering of Film Roll holders.
  • Precision Bag Length Control at High or Low Speed.
  • Automatic Detection of irregularities in the Sealing Temperature or in the Pneumatic Pressure of the System.
  • Easy Interface with Peripheral Equipment.
  • Designed and Manufactured in Accordance with the (98/37/EEC) Safety Regulations.
  • Stainless Steel Version.
  • Left Hand Cabinet mounting to allow for dual machine loading.
  • Vacuum table for film splicing to facilitate quick roll changes.
  • Double film reel holder with automatic reel change.
  • Printed Film Registration System.
  • Gas Injection System for Modified Atmosphere Packaging.
  • Vacuum Belt Film Feed System.
  • Special PE jaws, for high speed applications.
  • Impulse Sealing System.
  • Motorised film tracking + film tension control.
  • Automatic Self-Centering Film Roll.
  • Static Eliminators.
  • Bag Vibrator to Settle Product.
  • Flat Bottom Package with Center or Side Seal.
  • Special easy open knife shapes.
  • Strings or double bag.
  • Eurolock, Hang Hole and Handle Punching Systems.
  • MODEM connection, ONLINE analyse.
  • Coders and printers.
  • Product discharge belts.
  • Re-closable zipper attachments.
  • Integrated cliping unit.

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